What people are saying...

Dancing – My New Love: After growing up in a religion which taught that dancing was sinful, I was petrified of going to a wedding and being asked to dance. So I took the first step of going into Dancenergy to take a lesson or 2. Well who knew I would fall in love with dancing! In 2 months I’ve gone from being afraid to move my body, to knowing the basic steps of at least 8 dances and loving every minute of it. My instructor has been so encouraging and supportive in helping me to overcome my own fears, and taking me further in my confidence of dancing than I ever thought possible. The drop in group classes have been a fantastic learning process as well as the practice party on Friday nights. All of the instructors are very experienced and professional, and they show their love of dance and teaching in all they do. I’m always excited on days I dance and I look forward to many fun adventures to come as a result of my new found love of Dance!

Cathy Robertson

Two Thumbs Up: My wife and I started dancing last fall on Fridays just for fun. We were impressed with their customer service. They quickly made us feel welcome and they visibly put in the effort to make sure we were enjoying our experience. They provide opportunities for people just wanting to learn (that’s us) and for those wanting to challenge themselves in competition. We certainly have recommended “DANCEnergy” to others and are confident they will be well taken care of.

Dr. Ron Stoley

Fantastic Place: Words cannot express how great I feel when I arrive at DANCEnergy. I am always greeted warmly. The staff have a way of making all who walk through the door feel important and welcome. I have been taking both private and group lessons there since they opened and I am amazed at the progress I’ve made not only in learning the steps but also in my confidence level. I find the staff to be very patient and fun to learn from. Everyone that I have brought have also enjoyed themselves immensely. If you ever want to learn dancing in a fun and inclusive environment, then DANCEnergy is the place to be.

Marie White

Fun Beautiful Place: I’ve just started taking lessons at DANCEnergy. I really enjoy dancing there. The facility is very big with a beautiful and great atmosphere. The people are very friendly and open to anyone. The staff is very professional, they really seem to take care of their clients, especially people like myself who struggle a little with learning. Everyone is very encouraging. The enthusiasm the instructors have is very contagious, we laugh a lot on our lessons which makes it even better. Thanks for the laughter.

Fred Peters

Great Wedding Experience: We had an excellent learning experience with DANCEnergy. The staff were very friendly, easy to work with and very enthusiastic. They helped us develop tremendous confidence in our dance ability, enough to show off our first dance in front of all our friends and family. We enjoyed our lessons and are planning to pursue group dance of all varieties.

Sarah Johncock

Highly Recommended: I’ve been taking lessons at DANCEnergy for 9 months now and I couldn’t be happier. The staff is always upbeat and friendly and the instruction is amazing. I have some physical difficulties due to MS, and the instructors are always very supportive and patient, making sure that I’m getting the most out of my lessons at my own pace. I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms since starting lessons. Every lesson is a great time, and I would recommend DANCEnergy to anyone wanting lessons.

Stephanie Laing

Excellent Facility and Staff: I have just been to this facility and was really blown away! The staff were wonderful and lots of fun! Even though I have ‘two left feet’ so to speak, the reception and care I got was exceptional. The packages and programs were explained carefully, and I was really impressed. Well done all of you! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Wendy Carlson