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DANCEnergy Dance Partner Finder Feature

Dancenergy is where dancers of all ages, levels and styles can share the joy of dance together. A place where everyone is welcomed free from judgment. Whatever your level, we are here to help you find a dance partner. This directory is completely free for local dancers find dance partners. You may find a dance partner for social dancing, for performing or just to compete. We understand dancing is powerful way to connect with others. We also know that sometimes it is challenging to find a partner with similar goals and ability. This is where the partner finder feature can help. We are here to help you find a dance partner and increase your joy for dancing. If you have any questions about our directory and how to register please call us at 403-253-6977.

To access the directory you need to register for a free account on this website.

Once you’ve activated your account, please go to “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of the website and complete your profile.

Don’t forget to indicate your desire to be included in the directory.

Once you have completed your profile setup, you can browse the partner wanted listings.

Why not Create and account if you want to find a Dance Partner: