Learn to Swing

East Coast, West Coast, Hustle and Jive

Swing dancing is a popular style of dance originating in the early 1900’s. It includes East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Hustle and Jive. Swing dancing is popular because it’s energetic, fun, fast paced and it allows for improvisation…once you get into the swing of it. You can swing dance to Top 40, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Country, Funk, Rhythm and Blues. Besides being fun, Swing is versatile and practical since you can dance it in a variety of social settings… the bar, your Christmas party, charity galas or weddings.

The best way to get started is our Introductory Special. We’ll introduce you to the basics of a variety of Swing dances to see which ones appeal most to you. Another great place to start is with the videos and descriptions shown here.

Take a minute and see which styles appeal to you.