Learn to Dance Country

Two Step, Double Shuffle, Nightclub Slow and more

Country dancing has a long, colourful history that dates back to the 1800’s “ranch dances” in Texas. Ranchers would share stories and socialize with lots of cowboy music, dancing and food. These all night dances were an important part of life and culture for many Americans. Nowadays, you can experience country dancing all over the continent. Calgary’s shared western heritage means country dancing is popular at bars and events throughout the city and DANCEnergy is proud to offer some of the best Country Dancing lessons.

Country dances are informal and relaxed but certainly not sloppy, and are danced to Country Western music, including current Top 40 hits. Perfect for bars, clubs, and ballrooms, country dancing is a practical choice suitable for many situations. Country dancing footwork was invented with cowboy boots in mind – this means flat-footed glides and less dancing on your toes. Despite the strong country influence, you might be relieved to know that dressing up like a cowboy is not required for participation.

The best way to get started is our Introductory Special. We’ll introduce you to the basics of a variety of Country dances to see which ones appeal most to you. Another great place to start is with the videos and descriptions shown here.

Take a minute and see which styles appeal to you.