Ballroom Dance Lessons

Waltz, Fox Trot, Quick Step, Tango & Viennese Waltz

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance Lessons in Calgary

Ballroom dance lessons are more popular than ever. Thanks to the TV shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, it’s never been more cool to Ballroom dance.

Ballroom dancing is a great way for people of all ages to get in shape and stay fit. Ballroom dancing has many positive health benefits and is a wonderful activity that will benefit your mind, body, and spirit. Dancing improves your health and fitness, mental acuity, and social connections. Studies have shown that socializing and dancing with friends can contribute to higher self-esteem, increased self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life. Dancing reduces stress and tension so over time one can feel an overall sense of well-being.

Dancing isn’t just about the steps and music. It’s a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Taking ballroom dance lessons enhances your life in so many ways.

Ballroom Dancing helps the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Health – Improve your health and fitness by exercising without “working out”. Burn calories with low-impact aerobic movements.
Physical – Reduce stress, improve balance, mobility, flexibility and coordination, increased strength & stamina, muscle toning
Mental – Enhance memory, alertness, awareness, focus, concentration and exercise your brain
Social – Feel more confident, improve attitude, increased sense of well-being & more positive outlook, & build social connections

Ballroom dance includes a number of forms such as Fox Trot, Quick Step, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and Tango. Ballroom dancing is very popular because it’s fun and has high entertainment value for audiences.

If you’re interested in ballroom dancing, the best way to get started is our Introductory Special. We’ll introduce you to the basics of a variety of Ballroom dances to see which ones you prefer learning.

Take a minute and see which styles appeal to you.