Paso Doble Dance Lessons

For Social and Competitive Dancers

Paso Doble is a very dramatic Latin dance that enacts a Spanish Bullfight. Paso Doble is a partner dance, where each partner takes on a role (or roles) involved in a traditional bullfighting scene such as the bullfighter, his cape, and the bull. As you might imagine, Paso Doble is seen more frequently in competitions than in social settings. The dance is characterized by an air of extreme arrogance, passion, and dignity. Body language and movements in Paso Doble lend an appearance of pride and strength to its dancers.

International Paso Doble – Private Lessons

We are proud to offer private lessons in Paso Doble. No partner or experience is necessary. However, we recommend completing a beginner-level course in Latin Dance before taking Paso Doble, so that you can get the most from the experience.

In Paso Doble private lessons, we assess your skills and teach you appropriate-level dance moves and techniques from the International Syllabus to take your Paso Doble as far as you’d like. You’ll learn quickly through instructor modelling, lots of practice and one-on-one support.

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