Mambo Dance Lessons

A Powerful and Provocative Cuban Dance

Mambo is an energetic partner dance originally from Cuba. The dance is characterized by lots of powerful hip movements, quick steps, and flowing motions. Mambo was once condemned because its flirtatiousness and sensuality made the dance appear inappropriate to Church and legal authorities, but now it’s a favourite dance of many people world-wide. If you’re interested in learning Mambo, DANCEnergy offers private lessons with world class instructors.

American Mambo – Private Lessons Only

DANCEnergy is proud to offer private lessons in American Mambo. No partner or experience is necessary. However, we recommend completing a beginner-level course in Latin Dance before taking American Mambo private lessons, so that you can get the most from the experience.

In Mambo Lessons, we assess your skills and teach you appropriate-level dance moves and techniques to take your Mambo as far as you’d like. You’ll learn quickly through instructor modelling, lots of practice and one-on-one support.

To schedule your private lessons, contact us or call DANCEnergy at 403.253.6977


Contact DANCEnergy, to inquire about specific dance lessons not currently available.