Cumbia Dance Lessons

A Latin Dance From Colombia

Cumbia music and dance is said to have originated in Colombia. It’s characterized by a “wind-up” motion and circular dance patterns, and is danced to music which has many similarities to both Salsa and Samba. A variety of instruments are used in Cumbia music, from drums, to guitars, to accordions, clarinets and claves (a set of hard, thick sticks that set the beat). Audiences of Cumbia dancers might notice the similarities between Cumbia and Swing dancing, and in fact, the dance is sometimes referred to in Costa Rica as “El Swing.” If you’re interested in learning Cumbia, DANCEnergy offers private lessons with world class instructors.

Social Cumbia – Private Lessons Only

DANCEnergy is proud to offer private lessons in Cumbia. No partner or experience is necessary – we tailor these lessons to suit your individual needs.

In Cumbia lessons, we’ll assess your skills and teach you appropriate-level dance moves and techniques to take your Cumbia as far as you’d like. You’ll learn quickly through instructor modeling, lots of practice and one-on-one support.

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