Cha Cha Dance Lessons

A Sexy Latin Dance From Cuba

The Cha Cha is a sexy, playful dance that originated in Cuba. Cha Cha patterns are used in Latin dance, Ballroom dance, and even in night clubs and the Hip Hop scene. Cha Cha’s medium-tempo is faster than Rumba, but slower than Salsa, and is full of passion. It’s characterized by small steps and lots of hip action.  Cha Cha can be taught in either American or International styles, each containing different moves and requirements. Whichever style you choose to learn, you’ll have a great time learning this fun, cheeky dance to Latin music favourites. Taking Cha Cha lessons provides a good general repertoire of Latin and Ballroom dance moves, giving you a good foundation to build on for learning more advanced moves.

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