Triple Two Dance Lessons

A Slower Mix of The Two Step and Swing

Triple two goes by many names, including Double Two Step, the Shuffle, and the Six Step, just to name a few. Triple Two has elements in common with both Two Step and Swing Dancing, but is danced to music a lot slower than Two Step. Despite the slower tempo, Triple Two is an exciting couples’ dance where you constantly change position with your partner and move smoothly around the outside of the dance floor in a counter-clockwise direction. It follows a footwork pattern that’s called out as “walk, walk, triple step, triple step,” and “1, 2, 3&4, 5&6.” Triple Two is popular because it’s versatile and can be danced to polka, slow country, and even swing music. If you’re interested in taking Triple Two lessons, why not enroll with DANCEnergy? Our dance instructors are world class and we offer some of the best dance lessons in Calgary.

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