Polka Dance Lessons

A Very Popular Country Dance Style

Polka originated in Europe as a Czech peasant dance, but it’s now popular in North America where it’s danced to Country Western music. Polka is a very fast, lively traveling dance, making it a great workout. It includes lots of bounce and lots of movement around the dance floor (traveling). Polka requires a lot of energy, but not a lot of skill, making the dance a good choice for novices. If you’d like to learn Polka, DANCEnergy offers private Polka lessons with world class instructors.

Polka – Private Lessons

DANCEnergy is proud to offer private lessons in Polka. No partner or experience is necessary as we tailor these lessons to fit your needs.

In Polka Private Lessons, we assess your skills and teach you appropriate-level dance moves and techniques to take your Polka as far as you’d like. You’ll learn the dance quickly through instructor modeling, lots of practice and one-on-one support.

To schedule your private lessons, contact us or call DANCEnergy at 403.253.6977

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