Night Club Slow Dance Lessons

Very Versatile For Clubs and Weddings Alike

Nightclub Slow is definitely not only for nightclubs – it can be danced at weddings, reunions, galas, bars – you name it! Nightclub Slow is a practical choice because it can give you the skills to get through just about any slow dance on any dance floor. Nightclub Slow is danced to songs with very slow tempos and is very graceful and elegant.  Couples sweep across the dance floor with smoothness, rather than being contained to just one spot. Nightclub slow is easy to learn, so it’s perfect for beginners, but it’s also very versatile, making it a great choice for more experienced dancers too. If you’d like to give Nightclub Slow a try, DANCEnergy offers some of the best dance lessons in Calgary. Give us a call to book your beginner Introductory Special where you can try the Nightclub Slow and many more country dances or enroll in an introductory Nightclub Slow class.

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