Double Shuffle Dance Lessons

A Fast, Versatile Country Dance

Double Shuffle is a very social, upbeat, couples country dance danced to many popular country songs played in country bars. Many people in Calgary enjoy going to the local country bars where they usually play a fare amount of Double Shuffle music. Double Shuffle was invented with cowboys in mind, so dancers move as if they’re wearing cowboy boots, with flat feet and straight ankles. Dancing the Double Shuffle takes a good amount of energy because there is a lot of quick footwork and movement around the dance floor.  Although Double Shuffle can be physically demanding, it is also immensely rewarding to dancers because it’s fun, relaxed, and a great workout. If Double Shuffle sounds like the right fit for you, give us a call to book your Introductory Special or enroll in a Beginner Level Double Shuffle class with DANCEnergy,

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