Hip Hop Dance Lessons

A Favourite For Adults And Young People

Hip Hop is more than just a dance, it’s a culture with its own music, clothing and attitude. The dance as we know it first emerged in the 1970s and has gained enormous popularity. The dance is typically performed to Hip Hop music, and is different than most dances because rather than having a rigid structure, it allows dancers freedom of movement and personality. This freedom means that Hip Hop dancing is constantly evolving, and therefore it’s difficult to teach by traditional methods.

Some common elements of Hip Hop dancing include popping, locking, and dropping it, as well as breaking and moon-walking, just to name a few. Many Hip Hop moves might appear simple, but actually require a lot of practice to execute.

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Hip Hop Elite

Hip Hop Elite

Start Date: February 2, 2017

This is a 20 class enrollment course with pre-registration. This course is designed to teach our high-level dancers the finer details of performing with a group while preparing for competitions, showcases and local outreach. This hand-picked course will experience highly technical choreography, intricate blocking and a lasting learning experience.