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wedding dance lessons

dance lessons for wedding

Welcome to DANCEnergy. Congratulations, we are so happy for you and your spouse. Getting married is the most exciting time of your life. Being in love and having found a partner to share life with is such an incredible feeling. It is for that reason we would like to help you prepare for your first dance. As you prepare for your perfect day, we understand that it is our job to make it even more perfect. Wedding dance lessons is a service that we take very seriously as you deserve the best for your wedding. Your wedding is one of life’s most important moments. Dancing in each other’s arms in a loving embrace, confident and poised is the magical moment we aim to create. Taking wedding dance lessons is the best way to create that perfect moment. Your first dance together, dancing with your parents and/or dancing with friends are special moments you can cherish for a lifetime. These moments are even more fun when you’re relaxed and confident because you know how to dance. We guarantee our wedding dance lessons are the best there is to offer in Calgary.

Your reception is a great opportunity to impress your guests with a fantastic demonstration of what you have learned taken wedding dance lessons.

“It’s important not to wait until the last minute to get started.”

Once we have discussed your personal goals and idea you have for your first dance, we’ll develop a plan together with private dance lessons to ensure that we create the moment you are looking for. If you haven’t already picked out your wedding song for your special , we can help you find a great song.

“Make your wedding even more amazing by taking wedding dance lessons.”

Last Minute Wedding Special

This package is designed for those who are very short of time and want to feel comfortable dancing in front of their guests. Our instructors are excellent in making you feel comfortable.

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • Save 10% off the regular price ($340.00)
  • $306.00 + GST per couple

Magic Moment Wedding Special 

This is a great package for those who wish to increase their confidence, polish their dance steps and learn more dance moves that will make their first dance the perfect moment they have been looking for.

  • 8 Private Lesson
  • Save 15% off the regular price ($680.00)
  • $578.00 + GST per couple

Rock Your Reception Wedding Special

This is the best package for those who wish to create a completely magical first dance. We take the time to choreograph and create a dynamic and exciting first dance that will surely be unforgettable.

  • 12 Private Lessons
  • Save 20% off the regular price ($1020.00)
  • $816.00 + GST per couple

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