Dance Lessons for Kids & Teens

Build Confidence, Skills, Fitness and Friends


dance lessons for kids

dance lessons for kids

Dance lessons for your kids can be one of the best ways to build confidence, strength and coordination, to learn important social skills, make friends, stay fit, develop discipline, and most importantly to have fun. The aim of our youth dance programs is to help kids develop great skills and instill confidence on and off the dance floor. Helping them become confident and strong young individuals.

DANCEnergy is proud to offer a selection of youth dance classes for kids and teens of all experience and levels. No child will be left behind, everyone is important to us. Whether your young people are just discovering dance or following a dream of dancing for a career, we can help your child succeed. We understand your kids are the most important people in your life, that’s why we are serious about your child having a great time.

We offer a variety of introductory classes, summer camps and competition level programming to fit a wide variety of goals, needs and dance styles from traditional ballet to ballroom, hip hop and much more.

We’re Calgary’s Kids Dance Specialists

We offer dance programming for children ages 3 to 17, offering Ballroom, Hip Hop, Latin, Batter, Lyrical and more. Our youth dance lessons can be serious and productive, but are also fun and upbeat at the same time. For many young people, the social and high-energy atmosphere is as important as the skills development.

“We strive to deliver both in equal measure.”

The best way to learn about DANCEnergy is to book an appointment to visit the studio, meet the instructors, enroll in a class or attend one of our weekend practice parties. You’ll experience who we are, the energy we bring to dance and the success you will see in your child.

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