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New Student Free Consultation – Beginner to Advanced

Receive a 30-minute session with one of our friendly professional team members. We give you a tour of our facility, answer all your questions, we’ll make sure we understand your dance needs and inform you of everything you need to know about taking dance lessons. If you have previous dance experience, we can evaluate your level of dance and make sure to assign you a Professional Dance Instructor that is right for you.

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New Client Introductory Special

No Partner Required! Singles or Couples are welcome!

1 Private Lesson (50 minutes each)
1 Group Lesson (55 minutes each)
1 Practice Party (3 hours)
ONLY $49 Plus GST

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Ever wonder why people take dance lessons? All throughout history human beings have been dancing in many ways for many reasons. Over the years, we’ve been grateful and privileged to learn about our clients and to help them achieve their dancing goals. To the DANCEnergy team, there are no ordinary reasons for wanting to learn to dance. All reasons are personal and very important and once we understand your reasons our team will know exactly the best way to serve you. Reasons widely vary from wanting to have more fun to exercise or just wanting to meet new people. In our view, dancing represents everything that is fun, good, uplifting and exciting about life. When you dance, people automatically see you as more confident, more outgoing, more attractive, more inspiring and overall more successful and fulfilled. Knowing how to dance brings a positive attitude and vibrant energy into life which results in deeper fulfillment. In our opinion, taking dance lessons is the best decision you will ever make for yourself.

DANCEnergy dance lessons and dance classes are so much more than just learning how to dance. What we believe we have is an atmosphere that places the human being first allowing everyone to be free from judgment and the challenges of the world. Taking dance lessons not only gives you a valuable skill but it also energizes the mind, body and soul. Students have often transformed themselves and their lives as a result of taking dance lessons. Maybe it’s because dancing really does positively impact a person at many levels truly affecting their mind, body and spirit. It’s often hard to say where students and especially beginners will end up because the journey of dance can often lead to wonderful and unexpected destinations.  If you are looking for a new journey in life we are here to help you start dancing. Our professional atmosphere helps students at any level learn easily and quickly. We take pride in making sure that every student is comfortable, having fun and most of all learning to dance. We have a wide range of dance lessons for all ages with over 25 different styles of dance to choose from.

We enjoy taking care of everybody and understand that your reasons are very important.

Here are some reasons that may relate to you:

Whatever your reason, we’re here to help.

If you’re uncertain about how to start dance lessons, here are several options to get started:

We work very hard to ensure you feel comfortable. It’s time to take the first step. You’ll be really glad you did. Contact Us

To learn more, give us a call 403.253.6977 or drop by the studio, we’re happy to serve you and here to show you around.

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