Calgary Dance Schools

Bring Dance Into Your Life With DancEnergy

If you’re looking for a dance school in Calgary for yourself or your kids, consider DANCEnergy, Calgary’s Premiere Centre of Dance. We’re located at #3, 1305 – 33 Street NE.

We offer adult, youth and kids programming in a wide variety of dance styles including: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, and many more including Zoomba and other exercise-oriented classes.

When you’re looking for a dance school, which school you choose boils down to fit on a few important factors. For the majority of people these factors include:

  • Your personal needs
  • Dances offered
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Location
  • Affordability
  • The instructors
  • Class sizes
  • The facility

Let’s summarize each in turn.

Your Personal Needs

People learn to dance for a variety of personal reasons. For many people it’s something they always wanted to do. For others it’s a great date night, or it’s just fun for socializing or to get Fit. A few are more serious and they intend to compete.

While we train many serious competitive dancers. Our main focus is helping people of all ages develop a love of dance. We want to help people feel confident on the dance floor in any social setting. We’re all about bringing the joy of dance into people’s lives. If you’re looking for the strictest dance school, we might not be your best option. If you’re looking to learn to dance and have fun doing it, we’re the place.

Dances Offered

We offer a wide variety of dance instruction. In addition to our Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop we try to mix things up by offering Belly Dance, Bollywood, Contemporary and more. We also offer private lessons in just about any dance style you can imagine. You just need to ask, there’s a good chance we can accommodate you. Check out Dance Styles on our main menu to see what we offer.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Our environment is all about Fun. No matter how technical, challenging or advanced the dance, we believe if you’re not having fun, you’re not going to stick with it. We’ll focus on technique while also keeping it light and fun. It’s like whistling while you work, it’s a positive attitude thing. We think this makes us unique.


We try our best to make dance instruction as affordable as possible by offering a mix of very affordable group lessons, dance parties and private lessons. We also offer significant volume discounts and practice memberships, payment programs and a mix of payment options. We don’t want your budget to stop you from dancing.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are a mix of “Best in the Business” and relatively new instructors. We offer a mix of instructors as a means of keeping your costs down as well as making advanced instructors available to advanced students. As you progress, so does the calibre and expertise of your instructors.

Class SizesĀ 

Class sizes vary considerably. Our minimum group class size is 6 students and our regular classes usually max out at 20 students. Weekend group party classes can have as many as 100 or more students.

The Facility

DANCEnergy is Calgary’s largest dance school with a 8,200 square ft facility and 3 separate rooms to accommodate several group classes and private lessons at once. We have a kitchen / snack bar, comfortable couches, change rooms and even tables where kids can do homework while they’re waiting for their lesson. We also offer a small retail selection of shoes, jackets and related gear.

For many people, DANCEnergy is their home away from home. It becomes the hub of their social community so we try to make it a friendly and comfortable place where people feel welcome and safe.
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We hope this information helps you in your research to find the perfect place for dance instruction in Calgary. We know we’re not right for everyone, but if you like what you hear we invite you to come and see us for yourself.

We’re happy to offer you a tour, a free consultation or if you rather, we host dance events each weekend and you’re welcome to attend.